I am an Assistant Professor of International Business & Entrepreneurship in the Department of Business & Management at the University of Southern Denmark.

Before coming to Denmark, I was an Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship at King's Business School - King's College London (UK). My main research interests fall at the intersection of entrepreneurship, internationalization, and strategy. My core areas of research are international comparative entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial growth aspirations, strategic human capital, and the institutional drivers of entrepreneurial action. In a nutshell, I am interested in the connection between the individual entrepreneur (i.e. human capital) and the environment (i.e. institutional context) and the impact on entrepreneurial outcomes (i.e. growth aspirations, innovation, and internationalization). My research has been published in leading academic journals such as Organization Science, Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal, Small Business Economics, and Journal of Banking & Finance.

Here is the access to the University of Southern Denmark personal website.